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What is the pre-pre-master Econometrics?

Modified on Thu, 20 Oct, 2022 at 12:24 PM

The pre-pre-master Econometrics consists of three courses that have to be completed before you can start your pre-master Econometrics. Please have a look at our article 'For who is the pre-pre-master Econometrics' to find out whether you should complete the pre-pre-master. 

The pre-pre-master consists of the following courses:

Dutch coursesEnglish courses
FEB21019 Matrix Algebra (6 EC, block 2)FEB21019X Matrix Algebra (6 EC, block 2)
FEB21021 Analyse (6 EC, block 3)FEB21021X Analysis (6 EC, block 3)
FEB21023 Vector Calculus (4 EC, block 4)FEB21023X Vector Calculus (4 EC, block 4)

Note: Students who follow a Dutch bachelor’s programme are obliged to take the Dutch version of the courses. Students who follow an English bachelor’s programme will be allowed to follow the English courses.

 Furthermore, the Erasmus School of Economics advises students to also take, besides the three mentioned courses, the following courses to give you a more solid preparation:

Dutch courses
English courses
FEB21017 Inleiding Analyse (6 EC, block 1)
FEB21017X Introduction to Analysis (6 EC, block 1)
FEB21011 Inleiding Programmeren (4 EC, block 4)FEB21011X Introduction to Programming (4 EC, block 4)
FEB21009 Lineair Programmeren (4 EC, block 5)FEB21009X Linear Programming (4 EC, block 5)

Note: Your admittance to the pre-master program does not depend on these three courses.

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